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W e l c o m e t o t h e u n o f f i c i a l D a n i s h H o l l i e s s i t e

Over the years, the Hollies have put together a number of songs that have

never been officially released. Some of these songs were never completed;

others were simply not released. (Information taken from Record Collector).


1. Cry Me A River. 2. Party Line. 3. It's Raining Teardrops. 4. She Said

Yeah. 5. Cry Now. 6. Listen Here To Me. 7. Bring Back Your Love To Me. 8.

Stewball (in French). 9. You Know He Did (in French). 10. We're Through (in

French). 11. Green Eyes. 12. You Know Babe. 13. Schoolgirl.

14. Ashes To Ashes. 15. You Were A Pretty Little Girl. 16. Angel Of The

Morning. 17. Dang Me. 18. The Race Is On. 19. Kentucky Woman. 20. Sign Of

The Times. 21. Bobby's Prologue. 22. Snow On Heather Moor. 23. Salvation

Band. 24. Father Machine. 25. Papa Rain. 26. Heaven In Her Heart. 27. On The

Summer Side of Life. 28. Witchy Woman. 29. Tip of the Iceberg. 30. Burn Fie

Burn. 31. Come Down To The Shore. 32. Born To Run. 33. Samuel. 34. Is It

True. 35. I'd Like To Be That Man. 36. Lovin' You Ain't Easy. 37. Get Up.

38. Can't Lie No More. 39. I Don't Understand You. 40. Don't Close Your

Eyes. 41. Hard To Forget.