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W e l c o m e t o t h e u n o f f i c i a l D a n i s h H o l l i e s s i t e

Don was one of the original members of the Hollies. He played drums

beginning with the Hollies' first performance at the Oasis Club in



In the summer of 1963, Don parted with the group when their musical

disagreements with him became too strong.


On April 21, 1997, Don wrote an email message expressing his gratitude for the Home for the Hollie Days:


This is to say how good to see sombody has taken the trouble to gather the fantastic history of the Hollies and place on the Internet for all to see

and remember.


Yes. I was a member of the Hollies from the very start and hold great

memories of those fantastic sixties.


My wife took it on herself to compile a scrapbook showing some very baby faces which can be compared with today's well worn looking muscians.


Great to see some loved history



Don Rathbone