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W e l c o m e t o t h e u n o f f i c i a l D a n i s h H o l l i e s s i t e

Eric Haydock was born on February 3, 1942.


Eric Haydock was initially a member of the Deltas. He spotted Allan Clarke

and Graham Nash singing together as Ricky & Dane Young. He inivited them to

join the Deltas. The Deltas soon transformed into the Dominators of Rhythm

and finally into the Hollies.


When Tony Hicks went to go see the Hollies play at the Twisted Wheel in

Manchester: "I watched them onstage, and then I started chatting to Eric

Haydock. That was a one-way conversation since Eric wasn't particularly

chatty." (Record Collector)


Allan Clarke on Eric: "Eric was a great guy; he lifted our spirits when we

were down, he was the joker. But he was also very deep. As one of our sleeve

notes (from Bus Stop) said, Eric Haydock is an enigma. He never wanted to

say anything to anybody. He just wanted to get up and play bass."


Bobby Elliott on Eric: "He was a very exciting bassist in the early days; he

had his own style. He was a pioneer, playing the six-string bass before

anyone else." (Record Collector)


In the spring of 1966, the Hollies returned from an eight-week tour of

America. On the following day they were scheduled to begin a recording

session with Peter Sellers at Abbey Road for the song After The Fox. When

Haydock refused to answer his door when the tour manager called to pick him

up, he was dropped from the group. Haydock asserts that he was fired for

refusing to play. He felt that the group's management was mishandling funds

and not paying the members their gig money.


In 1966, Eric formed his own five-man band, Haydock's Rockhouse. The band

released two singles.


In 1981, Eric reunited with Allan, Tony, Bobby, and Graham for an appearance

on Top Of The Pops. This was due to the interest generated by the Holliedaze

medley mix that was on the charts.


Eric currently runs his own music shop.


In the last of 90's to present Eric Haydock toured and made Concerts with

his own band called "Eric Haydock's Hollies". However it gave a lot of

Problems with The Hollies about the Name.

From April 2004 Eric Haydock started in a band called "The Class of '64"

with some old Friends from other 60's band. Members of this band are: Mick

Avory (Kinks) - Drums, Eric Haydock (Hollies) - Bass, Chip Hawkes

(Tremeloes) Vokal/Guitar, Telecaster Ted Tomlin - Vokal/Guitar and Graham

Pollock - Vokal/Guitar. "The Class of '64" started their journey as special

guests of "The Animals", performing at over 70 major British theatre venues.

Tours are now being set up in different parts of Europe, North America and

Scandinavia."The Class of '64" have released a CD called same name as the





"I bought an elephant gun but I couldn't find any elephants. Still I

thoroughly enjoy shooting ... I buy a lot of clothes, but soon get tired of

them, so I sell them again."

(DISC Group Supplement - November 2, 1963)


Singles (with Haydock's Rockhouse)


1.Cupid/She Thinks 2.Lovin' You/Mix a Fix


CD: "The Class of '64"